Ahmet Şimşirgil

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Ahmet Şimşirgil
Ahmet şimşirgil.jpg
Şimşirgil in May 2012
Born25 May 1959
WebsiteAhmet Şimşirgil

Ahmet Şimşirgil (born 25 May 1959, in Sinop) is a Turkish academic. He is a professor of Ottoman history on the historical period which extends from the conquest of Istanbul in the Faculty of Science and Literature at the Marmara University.[1][2]

He has prepared and published the memories of Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha as "Kaptan Paşa'nın Seyir Defteri" (The Logbook of the Captain Pasha) by Babıali Kültür Yayıncılığı, a Turkish publishing house based in Istanbul.

Selected works[edit]

  • Ahmet Şimşirgil (2004), Birincil kaynaklardan Osmanlı tarihi (Primary Sources of Ottoman History): Kayı, Volume 2, Şems, ISBN 978-9944-304-00-9
  • Murādī; Ahmet Şimşirgil (2003), Gazavât-i Hayreddin Pașa, Babıali Kültür Yayıncılığı, ISBN 978-975-8486-24-3


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