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Ahmet Aga Daca

Ahmet Daca (died 1945), known also as Ahmet Aga was a political figure of Sandžak region during World War II.

Daca was from Novi Pazar. He was the brother-in-law of Aćif Hadžiahmetović (Blyta), the main political figure of Sandžak during those times. With the involvement of Hadžiahmetović in the Second League of Prizren, Daca took over as president of the Novi Pazar municipality and district mayor, operating under the Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia.[1]
By the end of World War II, with the Yugoslav partisans occupying the region, he was arrested among many Muslim and Albanian leaders and militia. Daca was executed publicly together with Hadžiahmetović on 21 January 1945, in Hadžet near Novi Pazar. The three sons of his were killed in a mass execution the same day.

He was considered a traitor and enemy of the people during the Communist Yugoslavia era. Lately, attempts were made to have his figure rehabilitated.[1][2]


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