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Ahmet Fevzi
1304-P. 38[1]

Born 1871
Düzce, Ottoman Empire
Died 1947 (aged 75–76)
Istanbul, Turkey
Allegiance  Ottoman Empire
Service/branch  Ottoman Army
Years of service 1889–1920
Rank Major general
Commands held IX Corps
XV Corps
Istanbul Central Command
Undersecretary of the War Ministry
Battles/wars Balkan Wars
First World War
Turkish War of Independence

Ahmet Fevzi Big or Ahmet Fevzi Paşa (1871-1947) was the commander of the Ninth Army Corps of the Ottoman Third Army. He was an Abkhazian immigrant from Düzce.[2] He was from the Circassian Big family. His father's name was Yakub.[3]

After the Kuva-i Inzibatiye forces loyal to the Ottoman Government were defeated by Çerkes Ethem's forces[year needed] in the Revolt of Ahmet Anzavur, he was sent to recruit Circassians for the nationalist Kuva-yi Milliye. His efforts to persuade Circassians around the South Marmara towns of Manyas and Gönen were largely unsuccessful. He later told Kâzım Özalp that the people of Manyas were waiting for an opportunity to launch a second rebellion.[2]

The XI Corps began the Ottoman Third Army's offensive in the Caucasus Campaign on 7 November[year needed]. On 12 November they were joined by reinforcements from the IX corps commanded by Fevzi Paşa. Together they were able to push the Russians back.[4]

Behaeddin Shakir was unable to bring the IX Corps under the control Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) while Fevzi Paşa remained their commander. When Fevzi Paşa opposed the Ottoman plan to attack the Russians during the winter, Shakir replaced Fevzi Paşa as IX Corps commander.[5][6]

Although he was appointed the commander of the XX Corps in place of Ali Fuad Pasha, he refused it at the caution of Rauf Bey and Bekir Sami Bey.

Fevzi Paşa died in 1947 in Istanbul.[1]


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