Ahmet Hadžipašić

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Ahmet Hadžipašić (1 June 1952 in Cazin – 23 July 2008 in Zenica) was the former Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (from 14 February 2003 to 30 March 2007). He was a member of the Bosniak community and Party of Democratic Action. Hadžipašić got his PhD in 1990. Mr. Hadžipašić lived in Zenica, a city well known as a metallurgy center of the former Yugoslavia.

Hadžipašić died from heart attack in the summer of 2008 in his home in Zenica.[1] A few weeks before his death, Hadžipašić was elected for vice-rector of Zenica University. He was married to Branka Hadzipasic (1974-2008) . They had three daughters, Emina Hadzimuratovic (PhD in medicine), Amra Hadzipasic (MSc in dentistry) and Selma Hadzipasic-Cevra (MSc in economics, PhD candidate) and, after his death, four grandchildren.