Ahmet Muhip Dıranas

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Ahmet Muhip Dıranas
Ahmet Muhip Diranas.jpg
Ahmet Muhip Dıranas
Born 1909
Sinop, Ottoman Empire
Died June 27, 1980 (aged 70–71)
Ankara, Turkey
Occupation Playwright, poet, author

Ahmet Muhip Dıranas (1909 – June 27, 1980) was a leading Turkish poet and author.


He was born in Sinop, Ottoman Empire in 1909. Having completed his primary education in Sinop, he moved to Ankara and graduated from Ankara High School. He then went to Istanbul for a university degree and studied philosophy at Istanbul University. He returned to Ankara in 1938, and worked as a director in the CHP headquarters. Having completed his military service, he continued his career as a publication director in the Society for the Protection of Children (Turkish: Çocuk Esirgeme Kurumu) in Ankara.


  • "Şiirler" (1974)
  • "Kırık Saz" (1975)
  • "Gölgeler" (1947)
  • "O Böyle İstemezdi" (1948)
Translated plays

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