Ahn Byeong-ki

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Ahn.
Ahn Byeong-ki
Revised Romanization An Byeong-gi
McCune–Reischauer An Byŏng-ki

Ahn Byeong-ki (born November 5, 1966 or 1967) is a South Korean film director, producer, and screenwriter specializing in horror films. His representative horror works are Phone and Bunshinsaba while his non-horror produced movies involve Scandal Makers and Sunny.


English Title
Korean Title
2016 Scandal Maker Director
2014 Bunshinsaba 3 Director
2013 Bunshinsaba 2 Director
2012 Bunshinsaba Director
2011 Sunny 미스 고 프로젝트 Producer, Production Department
2010 Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp 두번째 이야기 : 교생실습 Production Department
2008 Scandal Makers 과속스캔들 Producer
2006 Dark Forest - 4 Horror Tales 죽음의 숲 - 어느 날 갑자기 네번째 이야기 Producer
Roommates - 4 Horror Tales D-day - 어느 날 갑자기 세번째 이야기 Producer
Forbidden Floor - 4 Horror Tales 네번째 층 - 어느 날 갑자기 두번째 이야기 Producer
February 29 - 4 Horror Tales 2월 29일 - 어느날 갑자기 첫번째 이야기 Producer
APT 아파트 Director, Producer, Screenwriter
2004 Bunshinsaba 분신사바 Director, Screenwriter
2002 Phone Director, Screenwriter
2000 The Horror Game Movie Nightmare 가위 Director, Screenwriter
1998 Naked Being Assistant Director
1997 Blackjack 블랙잭 Assistant Director
1996 Ivan the Mercenary 용병 이반 Assistant Director
1994 Life and Death of the Hollywood Kid 헐리우드 키드의 생애 Assistant Director
1992 White Badge 하얀전쟁 Assistant Director

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