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Ahore is located in Rajasthan
Location in Rajasthan, India
Ahore is located in India
Ahore (India)
Ahore is located in India
Ahore (India)
Coordinates: 25°22′01″N 72°46′59″E / 25.367°N 72.783°E / 25.367; 72.783Coordinates: 25°22′01″N 72°46′59″E / 25.367°N 72.783°E / 25.367; 72.783
Country India
Founded byThakur Veridas
Named forAvri (आवरी)
 • Total2.15 km2 (0.83 sq mi)
183 m (600 ft)
 • Total16,863[1]
 • OfficialHindi , Marwari
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code+912978
ISO 3166 codeRJ-IN
Vehicle registrationRJ-16
Sex ratio963 /

Ahore or Ahor is a town in Jalore District of Rajasthan state in India. It is situated 18 km east of the Jalore on NH 325 in between Jalore and Sanderao. It is the headquarters of the tehsil by the same name.


Ahore(Ahore) is located at 25°22′N 72°47′E / 25.37°N 72.78°E / 25.37; 72.78.[2] It has an average elevation of 183 m (600 ft). Strategically well-located on the intersection of road to Jalore (District Headquarters) and Jodhpur (a major city having an airport).


Population of Ahore is 16,873 according to census 2011. Where male population is 8,602 while female population is 8,271.[1]

As a Tehsil[edit]

The Ahore tehsil has 41 Gram Panchayats. Name of the Gram Panchayats are: Agawari, Ahore, Aipura, Ajeetpura,Bala, Bankli, Badanwari,Bavadi, Bhadrajun, Bhanwarani, Bhanswara, Bhooti, Bhorda, Bithuda, Chandra, Charali, Chavarcha, Chunda, Dayalpura, Dodiyali, Ghana, Guda Balotan, Harji, Kamdba, Kanwla, Kavarada, Nimbla, NORWA, Nosra, Padarali, Panchota, Paota, Raithal, Rama, Rodla, Sedria, Shankhwali, Sugalia Jodha, Thanwala, Umedpur, Valadara and Vediya.[3]

Jainism in Ahore[edit]

The town is birthplace of Indian Jain scholar Muni Jayanandvijay. The centre of Jain books and literature, known as "Gyan-Bhandar", was established here by Jain Acharya Rajendrasuri. The village has 8 Jain temples. One of them is Godi Parshvanath Jain Mandir, its pratistha was done under the guidance of Shri Acharya Rajendrasuri Maharaaj. There is also a temple of SRIMAD RAJCHANDRA of AGASashram.One of grand temple of lord parasnath called PARSHWADI.vimalnathji mandir is also one of historical temple.shantinathji is the oldest temple in ahore and one of its kind in India. it is considered one of the tirth for jain community .

Real Estate & Properties[edit]

Bhata Gair[edit]

Ahore was very famous for its Bhata Gair. It was a ceremony which used (till 2004) to take place during the festival of Holi. In this ritual people are divided in two team- one who consume alcohol and other who don't and they are separated with a fence in between. The Aim is to cross the fence and the team which crosses the fence first wins it. While some people try to come to the other side, other throw stones and attack with bamboo stick on the people trying to invade into their portion. It is the said rule that the participants should be born in the Ahore town only. It has been stopped by the administration due to injuries and death of one person in the ceremony. The Grand Poobah of Ahore currently resides in Connecticut; he can be seen wearing one of his trademark, 5 crowns.

Steel handicraft and Mojri business[edit]

Ahore is famous for its steel handicraft, Grill, Railing and Steel Designer gate for Temple. This work is done by Suthars. There are almost 35 steel handicraft workshops. They get work from all over Rajasthan and metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Vijayawada like another. Famous steel handicraft has an impact on all over India. Ahore is also famous for its beautiful Mojari (a type of footwear) made of leather.

Sureshawar Mandir[edit]

Famous Sureshawar Mandir (Lord Shiva Temple) at Aesrana Hill, distance from Ahore is only 10 km, Sureshawar Mandir near by Pandgara Village.

Karani Mata Temple[edit]

The famous temple of Karni Mata at Sanwara is only 2 km from Ahore.


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