Liberal Socialists Party

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Liberal Socialists Party
Hizb al-Ahrar al-Ishtirakin
حزب الأحرار الاشتراكيين
Chairperson Helmy Ahmed Salim
Founded 1976 (1976)
Dissolved 2011 (2011)
Headquarters Cairo
Newspaper Al Ahrar
Al Haquiqa
Al Nour
Ideology Islamic liberalism
Economic liberalism
Political position Centre-right
Religion Sunni Islam
National affiliation Arab Socialist Union
International affiliation None
Colours          Blue, black
House of Representatives
0 / 568

The Liberal Socialists Party (Arabic: حزب الأحرار الاشتراكيين‎‎, Ḥizb al-ʾAḥrār al-Ištirākiyyīn) was a political party in Egypt,[1] initially affiliated to the Arab Socialist Union.

History and profile[edit]

The party was established in 1976.[2][3] Its leader was Mustafa Kamel Murad.[2] He led the party until his death in 1998.[4]

In the 2000 parliamentary elections, the party won 1 out of 444 seats in the Majlis al-Sha'ab. However, at the following elections in 2005, the party failed to win any seats. It was part of the National Democratic Alliance for Egypt during the 2011-2012 parliamentary elections.[5]


  • Sharia is a main source of legislation.
  • Freedom of expression and thought.
  • Election the President and Vice-President through free elections.
  • Enhancing role of the private sector.
  • Ensuring basic rights of labourers and peasants.
  • Freedom of the press.
  • Independence of the judiciary.
  • Development of education.

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