Ahtahkakoop First Nation

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The Ahtahkakoop First Nation is a Cree First Nation band government in Shell Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. The Ahtahkakoop First Nation government and community is located on Ahtahkakoop Indian Reserve No. 104,[1] 72 kilometers northwest of Prince Albert and is 17,347 hectares in size.


The name of this reserve originated from its first chief who was born about 1816 on the vast prairie region that was home to his people. He was named Ahtahkakoop, the Cree word for “Starblanket.” He was a Head Chief of the Plains Cree who was part of the signing of Treaty Six in 1876. When the treaty was signed, the population of his band was 185 members. As of January 2003 the registered population of Ahtahkakoop is 2600 band members. The language spoken is Cree.[2] The community was formerly known as "Sandy Lake Indian Band".

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