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Ahunui north.jpg
NASA picture of Ahunui Atoll
Ahunui is located in French Polynesia
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 19°37′S 140°23′W / 19.617°S 140.383°W / -19.617; -140.383Coordinates: 19°37′S 140°23′W / 19.617°S 140.383°W / -19.617; -140.383
Archipelago Tuamotus
Area 34 km2 (13 sq mi)  (lagoon)
5.4 km2 (2 sq mi) (above water)
Width 6.5 km (4.04 mi)
Overseas collectivity French Polynesia
Administrative subdivision Tuamotus
Commune Hao
Population Uninhabited[1] (2012)

Ahunui or Nga-taumanga[2] is a small atoll of the eastern Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. It is located 55 km SSE of Paraoa Atoll and 120 km WSW of Vairaatea.[3]

Ahunui Atoll is roughly circular in shape and measures 6.5 km in diameter.[3] It has a land area of approximately 5.4 km2 and a lagoon area of 34 km2. Its lagoon is totally encircled by the reef, so that it is not connected to the ocean by a pass. The islands have coconut plantations on them.

Ahunui Atoll is permanently uninhabited, but it is visited occasionally by neighboring islanders. The rarer pipi oysters (Pinctada maculata) are found in its lagoon.[4]


The first recorded European who arrived to Ahunui Atoll was British mariner Frederick William Beechey. He named it "Byam Martin" after Admiral of the Fleet Sir Thomas Byam Martin.


Ahunui belongs to the commune of Hao (Main village: Otepa), which includes Ahunui (uninhabited), Nengonengo, Manuhangi (uninhabited) and Paraoa (uninhabited).[5]


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