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Ai FM (爱FM)
Aifm logo 2017.jpg
CityKuala Lumpur
Broadcast areaMalaysia
Singapore (FM104.9)
Brunei (FM103.3)
BrandingAi FM
  • 有情有爱,自由自在 (2005)
  • 你一家人的电台 (2010)
  • 越听越爱 (2017)
FrequencyVaries depending on region
First air date1934; 85 years ago (1934) as Radio Malaya
1 April 2005 as Ai FM
FormatInteractive, talk, contemporary hit radio
Language(s)Mandarin and various Chinese dialects
OwnerRadio Televisyen Malaysia
(Radio RTM)
Sister stationsAsyik FM
Minnal FM
Nasional FM
Radio Klasik

Ai FM (Chinese name: 爱 FM, literally "Love FM"), is the national Chinese radio station operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia since 1934. It is broadcast 24 hours a day (starting in 1995), 7 days a week.


The radio station's history began as early as 1934, which was before the Second World War and the establishment of the-then Radio Malaya. It was called ZHj Penang. Radio Malaya itself was established 12 years later. After its establishment, the radio station become Perkhidmatan Bahasa Cina (Chinese Language Service), which goes by the name Rangkaian Hijau (Green Network). National radio broadcast from Angkasapuri starts on 9 May 1972. The name changed in 1993 to Radio 5 and Radio Malaysia Channel 5 in 1998. The Malay name, Saluran 5 (Channel 5) is used for short time. It is the oldest Malaysian Chinese-language radio station, and also Malaysia's only Chinese radio station until 1996, 988 FM began broadcasting as a trilingual radio station. The latter changed into a full-fledged Chinese-language radio station. The current name is used since April 2005, due to rebranding of RTM's radio stations.


Ai FM consists of five slots from Monday to Friday, and four slots on Saturday and Sunday. On 6 am every day, national anthem, "Negaraku" will play as the opening.

Programmes schedule[edit]

Monday—Friday Saturday—Sunday
06:00 Ai Aksi 爱谈天下事 [1]
A talk show on national and international current affair and news.
DJs: JinChuan, JC, XiaoHan
Ai Aksi 爱谈大小事 [2]
Weekends talk show on news, legal issues and interviews, learning English programme, and children's programme.
DJ: Shuleen
10:00 Ai Ceria 爱生活 [3]
A programme on daily life with experts sharing experiences and knowledge on life, family and relationships on weekdays.
DJ: MunMeng
12:00 Ai Sembang
时间的河,永恒的爱 [4]
A classical songs programme.
DJ: PeiYin
13:00 Ai Relaks 爱有一四 [5]
A relaxing programme related to life.
DJ: Shuleen (Monday and Tuesday)
DJ: PeiYin (Wednesday to Friday)
16:00 Ai Sembang 话龙点经 [6]
A classical songs programme. KimLoong also pairs up with guest DJs to discuss topics with listeners via Facebook and WhatsApp.
DJ: KimLoong
18:00 Ai Blog 周末三条线 [7]
Games and jokes played with call-in listeners. The Top 10 Local Chart (Saturday) and Top 20 Chinese Pop Chart (Sunday) also will announced.
DJ: KokChoon
20:00 Ai Blog 爱无界 [8]
Psychology programme conducted by experts psychologist and late night interviews.
DJ: Essel (Monday to Thursday)
Talk show on music and movies.
DJ: KokChoon (Friday)
Ai Muzik 爱不打烊
Non-stop musics and repeating programmes on 12am to 2am and 5am to 6am.


  • News is broadcast from RTM news centre every hour from 6am to 11pm, usually 10-minute full bulletins during odd hours and 3-minute bulletins for even hours.
  • Business News is broadcast on 19:00 weekdays.
  • The main news in various Chinese dialects is broadcast daily at 20:05 (Hokkien), 21:05 (Teochew), 22:05 (Hakka) and 23:05 (Cantonese) for 5 minutes each section.
  • Parliament news will presented on 21:00 (Monday to Thursday) during meeting of parliament.


State City/Region FM frequency
Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur 89.3 and 106.7
Negeri Sembilan All 89.7
Selangor Southern 89.7 and 106.7
Federal Territory Putrajaya 89.7 and 106.7
Terengganu Kuala Terengganu 90.5
Pahang Jerantut 90.7
Sarawak Kuching 90.7
Kelantan Jeli 91.6
Kelantan All 91.6
Sabah Lahad Datu 91.7
Perak Ipoh & Central 92.1
Federal Territory Labuan 92.3
Kedah Baling & South East Kedah 92.5
Sarawak Kapit 92.7
Sabah Sandakan 95.1
Terengganu Besut 97.8
Sabah West Coast 91.9
Sabah Interior Division 92.3
Terengganu All 97.8
Sabah Kudat 98.1
Sabah Tawau 98.1
Kelantan Northern 99.3
Sarawak Bintulu 99.3
Johor Northern 100.4
Malacca All 100.4
Kedah All 101.3
Penang All 101.3
Perlis All 101.3
Sarawak Limbang 102.3
Brunei All 103.3
Sarawak Sibu 103.3
Sarawak Sarikei 93.6
Johor Southern & Central 104.9
Singapore All 104.9
Sarawak Miri 105.3
Sarawak Sri Aman 105.3
Kelantan Kota Bharu 105.7
Pahang Eastern 106.1
Pahang Cameron Highlands 103.5
Pahang Kuantan 106.1
Perak Taiping & Northern 106.1
Pahang Western 106.7
Perak Gerik 100.0
Perak Southern 106.7
Selangor All 106.7
Astro & NJOI All CH 874
myFreeview (terrestrial) All CH 704


  • 黄敏明 Mun Meng
  • 梁金龙 Kim Loong
  • 苏进川 Jin chuan
  • 陈国俊 Kok Choon
  • 邓佩银 Pei Yin
  • Jc 劲程
  • 叶恩慈 Essel
  • 邱淑霖 Shuleen
  • 晓涵 Xiao Han

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