Ai no Gakko Cuore Monogatari

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Ai no Gakko Cuore Monogatari
Enrico Bottini and a classmate
(Ai no Gakkō Kuore Monogatari)
Genre Literary adaptation, drama, school
Anime television series
Directed by Eiji Okabe
Written by Ryuzo Nakanishi
Studio Nippon Animation
Original network Mainichi Broadcasting System
Original run 3 April 19812 October 1981
Episodes 26
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Ai no Gakko Cuore Monogatari (Japanese: 愛の学校クオレ物語, translit. Ai no Gakkō Kuore Monogatari, lit. 'The Story of Cuore, School of Love') is an anime television series, based on the novel "Cuore, Libro per i Ragazzi" (Heart: An Italian Schoolboy's Journal) by Edmondo de Amicis. It first aired from 3 April to 2 October 1981.[1]


The story takes place in nineteenth century Italy. The events in the anime are based on Enrico Bottini's Journal. The boys in early adolescence, innocent and susceptible, meet a teacher of virtue. He tells them honorable and heart-warming stories with which the boys feel great empathy. After experiencing hard times and sharing various joys with their friends and family, the boys recognize what is most important of all: to love others.

Voice cast[edit]

Episode list[edit]

Episode Title
1 Commencement Day: Enrico and Mr. Perboni
2 Disaster: Heroic Robetti
3 Classmates: Franti, The Juvenile Delinquent
4 In the Attic: Enrico's Secret
5 Boys of Calabria: Transfer Student Gracche
6 Bestfriend Garrone: Face-off with Franti
7 A Little Chimney Sweep: Nino's New Friend
8 A Principal's Tears: Boy Scouts of Lombardia
9 The King and Father & Son Coretti: Tearful Reunion
10 Antonio the Young Plasterer: Many Faces in Front of Father
11 Garoffi's Gift: Stamp and Church
12 Betti the Bullied Boy: Parent-teacher day
13 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (Part 1)
14 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (Part 2)
15 Precossi the Blacksmith: Small Knife in Friendship
16 Boy Julio's Secret
17 Stardi's Library: The Person Who Hid The Books
18 Summer Vacation on The Poe River: Franti's Disaster
19 Summer in the Alps: Father's Teacher is my Teacher
20 A Summer Night's Incident: Father's Secret
21 Don't Give Up! Charine Family Circus
22 Only The Cross Knows: Father's Nursing
23 Father's Gift: Mystery of The Ink Stand!
24 Franti, The Juvenile Delinquent Runs Out of School
25 The Boy Who Sacrificed Himself: Franti's Tears
26 Picnic: And Goodbye


Title English Title Performer Description
Cuore Monogatari The Story of Cuore Takeda Eri with Tokyo Broadcasting Children's Choir Opening Theme
Shiroi Nikki White Diary Takeda Eri with Tokyo Broadcasting Children's Choir Ending Theme


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