Ai no Wakusei

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Ai no Wakusei
Ai no Wakusei.jpeg
Studio album by Atsushi Sakurai
Released June 23, 2004 (2004-06-23)
Recorded February–April 2004 at Victor Studio in Tokyo
Genre Alternative rock, synthpop, industrial
Length 65:53
Label Victor
Producer Atsushi Sakurai
Singles from Ai no Wakusei
  1. "Sacrifice"
    Released: May 26, 2004
  2. "Taiji"/"Smell"
    Released: July 24, 2004
  3. "Wakusei Rebirth"
    Released: February 23, 2005

Ai no Wakusei (愛の惑星) is the only solo album by released by Sakurai Atsushi, vocalist for the Japanese rock band Buck-Tick. It was released on June 23, 2004 through Victor Entertainment. The album was packaged in a special long box, featuring a photo book,[1] though it is also now out of print.[2] Sakurai wrote all of the lyrics and sang on the album while the music was composed by a different collaborator on each track. Rather than adhere closely to Buck-Tick's style, Sakurai recruited composers whom come from various musical backgrounds, ranging from the hard industrial rock of Raymond Watts to the upbeat electronica of Xlover.
Three singles were released to promote the album, each having a music video. Sakurai toured to promote the album and a DVD of a live performance, "Explosion: Ai no Wakusei Live 2004" was released, though it is now out of print as well.[3]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Atsushi Sakurai.

No. Title Music Length
1. "Sacrifice" ("Last Confused Mix") Wayne Hussey 5:01
2. "Yellow Pig" Raymond Watts 3:46
3. "X-Lover" Xlover 4:33
4. "I Hate You All" J. G. Thirlwell 3:09
5. "Wonderful World" (Injection to UK mix) Hige 4:50
6. "Smell" Yasuyuki Okamura 5:30
7. "Märchen" Robin Guthrie 4:17
8. "Fantasy" Cube Juice 2:56
9. "Taiji" (胎児 (Embryo)) Taiji Sato 5:03
10. "Hallelujah!" (ハレルヤ!) My Way My Love 3:40
11. "Shingetsu" (新月 (A New Moon)) Masami Tsuchiya 4:17
12. "Yokan" (予感; Premonition (2004 re-construct)) Xymox 4:49
13. "Wakusei" (惑星 (Planet)) Kenji Kishida 5:01
14. "Neko (猫; Cat)" Cloudchair 4:14
Total length: 65:53




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