Ai o Tomenaide

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"Ai o Tomenaide"
Single by Koda Kumi
from the album Japonesque
Released September 21, 2011
Format CD Single, digital download
Recorded 2011
Genre J-pop,
Label Rhythm Zone
Writer(s) Koda Kumi
Koda Kumi singles chronology
"4 Times"
"Ai o Tomenaide"
"Love Me Back"

"愛を止めないで" (Ai o Tomenaide / Don't Stop the Love) is the 51st single by J-pop/R&B singer-songwriter Koda Kumi. It was released on September 21, 2011 in three separate editions: CD only, CD only [Second Virgin Edition] and CD+DVD. The single peaked at #6 on Oricon. The "Second Virgin Edition" remained on the charts for fourteen weeks, while the standard edition remained on the charts for eight weeks.[1][2] The title track was used as the theme song to the film Second Virgin.

Each version carried a different track list on the CD portion. The "Second Virgin Edition" carried the strings and music box versions of Anata Dake ga, while the standard editions contained the track You are not alone, which garnered a music video on the DVD.

The single was the number one digital single at the weeks of September 14-September 20, 2011 and September 21-September 27, 2011.[3][4] It was certified platinum for 250,000 downloads in January 2014.[5]

Background Information[edit]

You are not alone was written by Kumi and was said to be a "national theme" or "hymn" to represent hope and a way for her to reach out to her fans and anyone affected by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.[6]

Track list[edit]


  1. 愛を止めないで
    Lyrics: Koda Kumi 
    Arrangers & Music: Naohisa Taniguchi • Hitoshi Munakata (Strings Arrangement)
  2. You are not alone
    Lyrics: Koda Kumi 
    Arrangers & Music: Takuya Harada


  1. 愛を止めないで (Music Video) 
  2. You are not alone (Music Video)
  3. 愛を止めないで (Making Video) (Limited Edition)

CD: Second Virgin edition[edit]

  1. 愛を止めないで
    Lyrics: Koda Kumi 
    Arrangers & Music: Naohisa Taniguchi • Hitoshi Munakata (Strings Arrangement)
  2. あなただけが [Strings Version]
    Lyrics: Koda Kumi
    Arranger: Masaki Iehara
    Music: MARKIE • SiZK from ★STAR GUiTAR
  3. あなただけが [Music Box Version]
    Music: YU

Chart rankings[edit]

Oricon Sales Chart[edit]

Release Chart Peak position First day/week sales
September 21, 2011 Oricon Daily Charts 5
Oricon Weekly Charts 6 30,828
Oricon Monthly Charts 19 43,969
Oricon Yearly Charts 177

All figures pertain to "Ai o Tomenaide" or the single as a whole, unless stated.

Charts (2011) Peak
Chaku-Uta Full (Digital Single) Monthly top 100 3
Chaku-Uta (Ringtone) Monthly top 100 1
Chaku-Uta Music Video Monthly top 100 3
RIAJ Digital Track Chart weekly top 100 1
Recochoku 2011 most downloaded full songs overall 45
Most downloaded chaku uta 2011 49
Most downloaded melody call/RBT 2011 9
Most downloaded full Videoclips 2011 42
Most downloaded Chaku movies 2011 38


Chart Amount
RIAJ downloads[5] Platinum (250,000+)

Alternate Versions[edit]


  1. 愛を止めないで: Found on the single (2011) and corresponding album Japonesque (2012)
  2. 愛を止めないで [World Sketch Remix]: Found on Koda Kumi Driving Hit's 4 (2012)

You are not alone

  1. You are not alone: Found on the single (2011)
  2. You are not alone [Acoustic Version]: Found on Japonesque (2012)


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