Ai to Makoto

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Ai to Makoto
Written by Ikki Kajiwara
Illustrated by Takumi Nagayasu
Published by Kodansha
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine
Original run 19731976
Audio drama
Station Nippon Broadcasting System
Original run April 8, 1974October 8, 1974
Live-action film
Directed by Shigeyuki Yamane
Released July 13, 1974 (1974-07-13)
Runtime 89 minutes
Television drama
Original network TV Tokyo
Original run October 4, 1974 March 28, 1975
Episodes 26
Live-action film
Zoku Ai to Makoto
Directed by Shigeyuki Yamane
Released March 15, 1975 (1975-03-15)
Runtime 91 minutes
Live-action film
Ai to Makoto Kanketsu-hen
Directed by Hideo Nanbu
Released September 23, 1976 (1976-09-23)
Runtime 91 minutes
Live-action film
Ai to Makoto
Directed by Takashi Miike
Studio Kadokawa Pictures, Toei Company
Released May 2012 (2012-05)
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Ai to Makoto (愛と誠, tran. Love and Truth) is a Japanese manga series written by Ikki Kajiwara and illustrated by Takumi Nagayasu. It was adapted into a live-action television series in 1974 and into four live-action films in 1974, 1975, 1976 and 2012.[1][2][3]

TV series[edit]


2012 film[edit]

The 2012 film version, directed by Takashi Miike, was alternatively titled For Love's Sake[4] in English.

The basic plotline sees a cross-class love story between Ai (Emi Takei), the daughter of a well-respected Tokyo family, and delinquent Makoto (Satoshi Tsumabuki) who is seeking the leader of a female gang.


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