Ebi Lake

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Ebi Lake
Satellite Image of Lake Aibi.jpg
Satellite image of Aibi Lake
Location Börtala, Xinjiang, China
Coordinates 44°53′N 83°00′E / 44.883°N 83.000°E / 44.883; 83.000Coordinates: 44°53′N 83°00′E / 44.883°N 83.000°E / 44.883; 83.000
Type Rift lake
Primary inflows Kuitun River, Bortala River, Jinghe River (intermittent)
Primary outflows none
Basin countries China
Surface area 1070 km²
Average depth 1.4 m
Max. depth 2.8 m
Water volume 760 mil. m³
Surface elevation 189 m

Ebi Lake (Mongolian: Ev nuur; Middle Mongolian: Ebi; Chinese: ; pinyin: Ài ) is a rift lake in north west China, near the border to Kazakhstan. Lying at the southeast end of the Dzungarian Gate, it is the catchment center of the southwestern part of the Dzungarian Basin. The lake has a size of over 1000 square kilomenters (400 square miles) and an average depth of less than 2 meters (6½ feet).

Due to the high salt concentration (87 g/L) of its water, no plants or fish live in the actual lake, though many kinds of fish do live in the mouths of its source rivers.

In August 2007, the Aibi Lake wetland was designated National Nature Reserve by the Chinese government.

The lake now only has 500 km2 surface [1]


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