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Aichi 5th district is a constituency of the House of Representatives in the Diet of Japan (national legislature). It is located in Aichi Prefecture and consists of Nagoya's Nakamura and Nakagawa wards, the cities of Kiyosu and Kitanagoya and the Nishikasugai district. As of 2012, 414,870 eligible voters were registered in the district.[1]

Nagoya is considered a "Democratic kingdom" (minshu ōkoku), a stronghold of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). But Aichi's 5th district is the only electoral district in Nagoya (Aichi 1 to 5) that also contains areas outside Nagoya. In the landslide "postal privatization" election of 2005, it became the first district in Nagoya that the long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) could win since the introduction of single-member districts in 1996: Liberal Democrat Takahide Kimura won narrowly against the Democratic incumbent Hirotaka Akamatsu who was then only reelected in the Tōkai proportional representation block. Akamatsu had represented Aichi's 5th district since 1996 and regained the seat in the 2009 general election. He was Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the Hatoyama cabinet. In 2012, he lost the district by less than 2,000 votes to Liberal Democrat Kenji Kanda.

List of Representatives[edit]

Representative Party Dates Notes
Hirotaka Akamatsu DPJ 1996–2005 Reelected to a proportional seat in the Tōkai block
Takahide Kimura LDP 2005–2009 Retired
Hirotaka Akamatsu DPJ 2009–2012 Reelected to a proportional seat in the Tōkai block
Kenji Kanda LDP 2012–

Election results[edit]

Party Candidate Votes % ±
LDP Kenji Kanda (also PR candidate) 67,218 32.0
DPJ (PNP) Hirotaka Akamatsu (won PR seat) 65,423 31.1
JRP (YP) Ken'ichi Koyama (also PR candidate) 37,806 18.0
TPJ (NPD) Yūkichi Maeda (also PR candidate) 23,609 11.2
JCP Hiroki Fujii 16,206 7.7
Party Candidate Votes % ±
DPJ (PNP support) Hirotaka Akamatsu (PR candidate) 158,235
LDP (Kōmeitō support) Mutsumi Teranishi (PR candidate) 88,964
Happiness Realization Party Tomoko Yoshida 8,042
Turnout 261,917 63.6
Party Candidate Votes % ±
LDP Takahide Kimura (PR candidate) 117,017
DPJ Hirotaka Akamatsu (won PR seat) 107,605
JCP Akemi Kawae 17,523
Turnout 246,842 61.6
Party Candidate Votes % ±
DPJ Hirotaka Akamatsu (PR candidate) 104,346
LDP Takahide Kimura (PR candidate) 90,668
JCP Hiroyuki Egami 16,255
Turnout 217,109 54.7
Party Candidate Votes % ±
DPJ Hirotaka Akamatsu (PR candidate) 82,943
LDP Takahide Kimura (PR candidate) 64,970
JCP Asako Kodama 21,516
LL Takayoshi Itō 2,274
Party Candidate Votes % ±
DPJ Hirotaka Akamatsu (PR candidate) 48,648
LDP Takahide Kimura (PR candidate) 46,485
NFP Yutaka Banno 43,028
JCP Tadahiro Nagatomo 17,670
Independent Tsutomu Suzuki 768
Japan Nation Party Minoru Ichikawa 470
Culture forum (Bunka fōramu) Takao Uchiyama 335


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