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Aichi 6th district (愛知県第6区 Aichi-ken dai-roku or simply 愛知6区 Aichi rokku) is a constituency of the House of Representatives in the Diet of Japan (national legislature). It is located in Northwestern Aichi and consists of the cities of Kasugai, Inuyama and Komaki, part of the Chūkyō Metropolitan Area around Nagoya. As of 2012, 420,807 eligible voters were registered in the district.[1]

Before the electoral reform of 1994, the area formed part of Aichi 2nd district where four Representatives had been elected by single non-transferable vote.

The seat representing Aichi 6th had fallen vacant in early 2011 when representative Yoshihiro Ishida (DPJ) resigned for his unsuccessful campaign in the 2011 mayoral election in Nagoya, part of the "triple vote" (triple tōhyō) in Nagoya and Aichi on February 6, 2011 when elections for governor of Aichi, mayor of Nagoya and a recall referendum for the Nagoya city council took place. The by-election to replace Ishida took place on April 24, 2011, the day of the second round of the 2011 unified regional elections when mayors and councils in hundreds of cities, special wards, towns and villages across Japan are elected. The campaign officially took off on April 12, 2011: The Democratic Party did not nominate a candidate, Nagoya mayor Takashi Kawamura's party Genzei Nippon ("Tax cuts Japan") that won 13 seats in the Aichi assembly election on April 10 nominated journalist Masayo Kawamura; former representative Hideki Niwa ran for the LDP and won the by-election. In the general House of Representatives election of 2012, Niwa easily defended the seat against former prefectural assemblyman Masaki Amano and former Democrat Tomohiko Mizuno who had represented the Minami-Kantō PR block since 2009.

List of Representatives[edit]

Representative Party Dates Notes
Shōzō Kusakawa NFP 1996 – 2000 Not on the Tōkai PR list in 2000
Yūkichi Maeda DPJ 2000 – 2005 Reelected in the Tōkai PR block
Hideki Niwa LDP 2005 – 2009 Failed reelection in the Tōkai PR block
Yoshihiro Ishida DPJ 2009 – 2011 Resigned for the 2011 Nagoya mayoral election
Hideki Niwa LDP 2011– Incumbent

Election results[edit]

Party Candidate Votes % ±
LDP (NK Hideki Niwa 113,991 49.1
DPJ (PNP) Masaki Amano 56,644 24.4
TPJ (NPD) Tomohiko Mizuno 37,200 16.0
JCP Kesami Yanagisawa 24,203 10.4
By-election, April 24, 2011[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
LDP Hideki Niwa 104,328 61.4
Genzei Nippon Masayo Kawamura 39,308 23.2
JCP Akemi Kawae 14,369 8.5
HRP Mayumi Fukuhara 7,932 4.7
Independent Fumio Mekata 3,842 2.3
Party Candidate Votes % ±
DPJ (PNP support) Yoshihiro Ishida 167,697
LDP (Kōmeitō support) Hideki Niwa 102,252
Independent Kōji Hasegawa 6,736
HRP Mayumi Fukuhara 5,970
Independent Hiroyuki Inagaki 2,243
Turnout 291,296 69.87
Party Candidate Votes % ±
LDP Hideki Niwa 126,670
DPJ Yūkichi Maeda 113,467
JCP Kesami Yanagisawa 23,576
Turnout 269,095 66.01
Party Candidate Votes % ±
DPJ Yūkichi Maeda 97,776
LDP Hideki Niwa 80,700
NCP Jun Misawa 22,131
JCP Kesami Yanagisawa 20,524
Turnout 226,638 56.26
Party Candidate Votes % ±
DPJ Yūkichi Maeda 97,714
Kōmeitō Shōzō Kusakawa 92,321
JCP Kazuyuki Tsuji 29,491
Mushozoku no Kai Ken'ichi Itō 22,617
LL Reiko Yasuda 6,971
Independent Masao Henmi 1,630
Party Candidate Votes % ±
NFP Shōzō Kusakawa 90,812
LDP Katsundo Itō 59,631
DPJ Yū Amioka 49,074
JCP Masumi Watanabe 25,815
Kokumintō Isamu Harada 1,107
Bunka Forum Yōko Muramatsu 966
Independent Kimio Kasahara 776
Taiheikai Shin'ichi Masuda 450
Turnout 235,156 54.19