Aichi Bunkyo Women's College

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Aichi Bunkyo Women's College
Type Private
Established 1951
Location Inazawa, Aichi, Japan

Aichi Bunkyo Women's College (愛知文教女子短期大学, Aichi Bunkyo Joshi Tanki Daigaku) is a private junior college in Inazawa, Aichi, Japan. It consists of two departments now.

Department and graduate course[edit]


Advanced course[edit]

Available certifications[edit]

  • Students can acquire the qualification of child care person in the department of early childhood education. In addition, a second class license of kindergarten teacher can be acquired in this department. The qualification of caregiver can be acquired in the advanced course.
  • Second class license of junior high school teacher (subject of home economics) is in the department of life sciences. At first, a second class license of high school teacher (home economics) was set up.

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