Aichi E11A

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E11A Type 98 Reconnaissance Seaplane
E11A Type 98 Reconnaissance Seaplane Laura E11A-1.jpg
Role Gunnery Spotting
Manufacturer Aichi Kokuki
First flight June 1937
Status retired
Primary user Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service
Number built 17

The Aichi E11A (九八夜偵,Kyū-hachi Yatei) was an Imperial Japanese Navy flying boat used during the first year of World War II for maritime patrol duties. The Allied reporting name for the type was "Laura"; the Japanese Navy designation was "Type 98 Reconnaissance Seaplane". The Type 98 was quite similar to the earlier E10A Type 96, whose allied name was "Hank". "Lauras" were rare - only 17 were built. It was designed to be launched from cruisers or battleships in order to spot their shellfire at night. The Type 98s were soon diverted to communications and transport duties.


Specifications (Aichi E11A1)[edit]

Data from Warplanes of the Second World War, Volume Five: Flying Boats [1]

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