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Birth name Aida Alonso Iglesias
Also known as Aid
Born (1990-03-28) March 28, 1990 (age 25)
Origin Vigo, Galicia (Spain)
Genres Hip hop, R&B
Occupation(s) Rapper, singer-songwriter
Years active 2003–present
Labels Aid

Aida Alonso Iglesias (born March 28, 1990),[1] better known as Aid or Aid Alonso, is a Spanish rapper, singer and hip hop songwriter. Jugando was her debut album, which was featured on the frontpage of iTunes with Boogie Vigo song as Latin Single of The Week.[2] That year is proclaimed winner of Heineken Greenspace festival among more of 1300 bands.[3] She have won other competitions like Ones To Watch of Myspace[4] and Marcate un Squares of Kellogs. She has achieved popularity with her first album Jugando (2009)[5] in Latin and Spanish-speaking countries.

Early life[edit]

Aid was born in Vigo, Spain. She knew hip hop culture in 2002 in her neighborhood and school environment.[6] Aid's first interest was graffiti. But she liked to write poetry and soon started to compose and create her first rhymes. She recorded her first tracks around 2003.[citation needed]


In 2004, a friend of Aid uploaded four of her songs on a Spanish hip hop webpage. She was 14 years old and achieved the top of download of this page, releasing accidentally her first work. In 2007 released her second work Aqui Teneis,[7] an self-released album worked with by some beatmakers of her country. On October 22, 2008 is proclaimed winner of Heineken Greenspace festival in Valencia (Spain), among more of 1300 bands, acting with Lagartija Nick and Enrique Morente and she was the first rap singer winner and the youngest one. On February 9, 2009 released her debut album Jugando.[5] Some tracks of cd are interpreted in galician lenguage and other in Spanish. On July 28, 2009 she was front cover worldwide of iTunes with her single Boogie Vigo as Latin Single of the Week. On September 2009 was Artist of the Month by Ones to Watch of Myspace.[4] On June 11, 2009 was proclaimed winner of Márcate un Squares of Kellogs.

In 2011 Aid was the image of TV spot "A calquera hora" of Galician TV. She is the songwriter and singer of the song "Aprendeo".[8] Song that has achieved more than 300,000 plays on YouTube in less than a year.[9] [10]

In 2012 Aid released Rapoemas, a cd-book where covering classics of the poetry of galician literature like Rosalía de Castro, Álvaro Cunqueiro, Manuel Antonio or Curros Enríquez.[11]

Other works[edit]

She organizes the initiative "Creando Hip Hop", a project that imparts workshops of mcing, graffity and bboying for schools and social centers.[12]

Since 2007, Aid is radio and TV announcer on local media.[citation needed]

She is studying electronic and computing engineering at University of Vigo.[citation needed]



  • Tu puedes (live) (2008)
  • Ainon (live) (2008)
  • Perdonavidas (2011)
  • Apréndeo (2011)[13]
  • Creer Pour Avancer (feat Efesio) (2012)
  • Tiempo (2012)



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