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Gender Female
Language(s) Arabic, Latin, African
Meaning "Returning", "Helper", "Distinguished"

Aida or Aïda /ɑːˈdə/ is a female given name. Variants include: Ada, Aeeda, Aída, Aide, Aidee, Ade, Ajda, Ayeda, Ayeeda, Ayida, Ida, Ieeda, Ieda, Ieta and Iyeeda.[1] The name is derived from the Arabic name "Ayda" "عايدة" or "عائدة" in formal Arabic.


The name was used by Auguste Mariette for his sketch of the plot which Giuseppe Verdi later used for his opera of the same title, Aida. In the Italian opera, Aida is an Ethiopian princess. Mariette claimed that the name was authentically Egyptian, writing in a letter "Don't be alarmed by the title. Aida is an Egyptian name. Normally it would be Aita. But that name would be too harsh, and the singers would irresistibly soften it to Aida."[2] It may be derived from a name recorded on the Rosetta Stone.[2]

Unrelated to this origin, the Italian name meaning for 'Aida' is "Happy".(TBN) 'Aida' is also sometimes traced to other African languages.[citation needed] Aida (相田) is also a Japanese surname, meaning to "run across the field".[citation needed]

Notable people named Aida[edit]

  • Aída Álvarez (born 1950), Puerto Rican politician and journalist
  • Aida el Ayoubi (born 1961) Egyptian singer
  • Aida Badić (born 1986), former Croatian artistic gymnast, born on February 11, 1986, in Zagreb, Croatia
  • Aida Bamia, professor emeritus of Arabic language and literature at the University of Florida in Gainesville
  • Aida Baraku (born 1971), Albanian Kosovar singer, composer, journalist and television producer
  • Aida Begić (born 1976), Bosnian film director and screenwriter
  • Aida Chalhoub (born 1951), Lebanese singer
  • Aida Čorbadžić (born 1976), Bosnian opera singer
  • Aida Delgado-Colon (born 1955), current chief United States District Judge for the District of Puerto Rico
  • Aida Desta (1927–2013), eldest granddaughter of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia
  • Aïda Mady Diallo, French-born Malian novelist and director
  • Aida Diestro (1924–1973), Cuban pianist and the director of the famous vocal group Cuarteto d'Aida
  • Aida Karina Estrada (born 1987), Guatemalan beauty pageant winner
  • Aida Fariscal (born 1940), former police officer and watch commander in the Manila Police Department in the Philippines
  • Aida Folch (born 1986), Catalan Spanish actress
  • Aida Garifullina (born 1987), Russian opera singer
  • Aida González (born 1962), Panamanian writer and doctor
  • Aida Hadzialic (born 1987), Swedish politician of the Social Democrats
  • Aida Imanguliyeva (1939–1992), born on October 10, 1939 in Baku in a highly intelligent family
  • Aida El-Kashef (born 1990), feminist Egyptian film-maker, actress and director
  • Aida Mahmudova (born 1982), Azerbaijan artist specializing in development of contemporary art
  • Aida Mason née Wagstaff (1895–2007), one of the oldest living person in the UK at 111 years of age
  • Aida Mbodj (born 1955), Senegalese politician, a Deputy and a Cabinet Minister, as well as Vice-President of the National Assembly of Senegal
  • Aida Mohamed (born 1976), Hungarian foil fencer
  • Aida Mohammadkhani (born 1988), Iranian actress working in Persian film
  • Aida Mollenkamp (born c. 1978), American chef and Food Network personality
  • Aida Muluneh (born 1974), photographer
  • Aida Navarro (born 1937), Venezuelan mezzo-soprano, born in Caracas
  • Aida Nikolaychuk (born 1982), Ukrainian pop singer and model
  • Aida Nuño Palacio (born 1983), Spanish female cyclo-cross cyclist
  • Aida Rodriguez (born 1977), American comedian, actress, producer and writer of Puerto Rican/Dominican descent
  • Aïda Ruilova (born 1974), American contemporary artist
  • Aida Shanayeva (born 1986), Russian foil fencer
  • Aida Stucki (1921–2011), Swiss violinist and educator
  • Aida Toledo (born 1952), Guatemalan poet, short story writer, non-fiction writer and educator
  • Aida Tomescu (born 1955), Australian painter
  • Aida Touma-Suleiman (born 1964), Israeli Arab journalist and politician
  • Aida Turturro (born 1962), American actress
  • Aida Vedishcheva (born 1941), Soviet and Russian singer of Jewish descent
  • Aida Overton Walker (1880–1914), African-American vaudeville performer, actress, singer, dancer and choreographer
  • Aida Ward (1903–1984), American jazz singer
  • Aída Yéspica (born 1982), Venezuelan beauty pageant


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