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Language(s)Arabic, Latin, African
Meaning"Returning", "Helper", "Distinguished"

Aida or Aïda /ɑːˈdə/ is a female given name. Variants include: Ada, Aeeda, Aída, Aide, Aidee, Ade, Ajda, Ayeda, Ayeeda, Ayida, Ida, Ieeda, Ieda, Ieta and Iyeeda.[1] The name is derived from the Arabic name "عايدة" "ʻĀyidah" ([ˈʕɑːjida]), or "عائدة" "ʻĀʼidah" ([ˈʕɑːʔida]) in Classical Arabic.


The name was used by Auguste Mariette for his sketch of the plot which Giuseppe Verdi later used for his opera of the same title, Aida. In the Italian opera, Aida is an Ethiopian princess. Mariette claimed that the name was authentically Egyptian, writing in a letter "Don't be alarmed by the title. Aida is an Egyptian name. Normally it would be Aita. But that name would be too harsh, and the singers would irresistibly soften it to Aida."[2] It may be derived from a name recorded on the Rosetta Stone.[2]

Unrelated to this origin, the Italian meaning for Aida is "Happy".[3] "Aida" is also sometimes traced to other African languages.[citation needed] Aida (相田) is also a Japanese surname, meaning to "run across the field".[citation needed]

Notable people named Aida[edit]


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