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Aidamir Mugu (Adyghe and Russian: Айдамир Мугу, real name Aidamir Jizirovich Muguyev, Russian: Айдамир Хизирович Мугуев), born 17 April 1990, Maykop, Adygea, USSR; is a Russian Adyghe singer.

Mugu became famous in summer 2005 when he in cooperation with an accordionist Aslan Tlebzu (Russian: Аслан Тлебзу) had recorded his Chyornye Glaza ("Black Eyes") in Russian.[1]

Chyornye Glaza became hugely successful in Russia. Mugu mainly sings about his home - the North Caucasus region. His hits like Fatima and Kavkas became also well known. As it appears Aidamir Mugu has recorded quite a batch of songs with Aslan Tlebzu with sings like Fatima even more relying on Tlebzu's incredible play.

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