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Lucas Cranach d. Ä. 035.jpg
A painting depicting The Garden of Eden
Pronunciation /ˈdən/
Gender Unisex
Word/name Hebrew[1]
Meaning Delight
Other names
Related names Aiden, Aidan, Ed, Edward, Edwin, Eddie, Eddy, Edna Edan, Edin, Eadin, Edun, Edon, Edith, Edwina

Eden (Hebrew: עֵדֶן‬), as a given name, has several derivations, from the Biblical Garden of Eden, meaning 'delight'; It is given to girls and boys. The first recorded use is from ancient Israel in the book of II Chronicles. It is also as a variant of the feminine name Edith and the masculine name Aidan.[2]

Given name[edit]

Notable people with the given name Eden:

  • Eden Ahbez (1908–1995), performance name of American musician George Alexander Aberle
  • Eden Bleazard (1855 – 1946), New Zealand artist
  • Eden Brekke (1893–1978), superintendent of Parks and Alderman of the 37th Ward, Chicago
  • Eden Colvile (1819–1893), Canadian historic figure
  • Eden Espinosa (born 1978), American singer and stage actress
  • Eden Harel (born 1976), MTV Europe VJ during the 1990s
  • Eden Hazard (born 1991), Belgian and Chelsea FC football player
  • Eden Kane (born 1940), stage name of Richard Sarstedt, English singer
  • Eden Kuriakose, Indian film actress
  • Eden McCain, a character from the American television series, Heroes
  • Eden Natan-Zada (1986–2005), IDF soldier that convicted mass murder incident
  • Eden Phillpotts (1862–1960), British novelist, poet and dramatist
  • Eden Riegel (born 1981), American actress
  • Eden Sher (born 1991), American television actor

Family name[edit]

Notable people with the family name Eden:


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