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Aigai (Ancient Greek: Αἰγαί) or Latin(ized) Aegae/ Ægæ may refer to the following places and jurisdictions :

  • Aigai (Aeolis), ancient city and former bishopric of the Aeolian dodecapolis in Asia Prima, now Nemrutkale or Nemrut Kalesi near the modern city Aliağa in northwestern Turkey and a Latin Catholic titular
  • Aegae (Cilicia), ancient town of Cilicia, near modern Yumurtalık, Turkey
  • Aegae (Macedonia), first capital of the Classical kingdom of Macedonia, now Vergina
  • Aegae (Achaea), ancient settlement near present Aigeira, in Achaea
  • Aegae (Euboea), ancient town in Euboea, near which a sanctuary of Aegean Poseidon was built upon a hill
  • Aege, ancient town in Pallene, Chalcidice

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