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Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Industry Consumer electronics
Founded 1993
Founder Féng Jūn (冯军)
Headquarters Beijing, China
Area served
Key people
Féng Jūn (President)
Products Mobile Internet devices, digital storage (USB keys & hard drives), portable media players, cell phones, digital cameras, solar power chargers, MP6 (internet music platform), educational products
Services Digital music
Subsidiaries over 20

aigo (simplified Chinese: 爱国者; traditional Chinese: 愛國者; pinyin: Àiguózhě; literally: "patriot") is the trade name of Chinese consumer electronics company Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co Ltd.[1] aigo should not be capitalized, much like "iPod". Its head office is in the Ideal Plaza (S: 理想国际大厦, T: 理想國際大廈, P: Lǐxiǎng Guójì Dàshà) in Haidian District, Beijing.[2]


Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co Ltd (北京华旗资讯科技发展有限公司) is a consumer electronics giant headquartered in Beijing.[3] It was founded by Féng Jūn, its current president,[citation needed] in 1993 and initially produced keyboards.[1] aigo may be participating in a trend that sees Chinese nationals preferring to purchase locally produced durable goods, which have increased in quality as of late.[4]


aigo's products include MIDs, digital media players, computer cases, digital cameras,[3] and computer peripherals.[5]


aigo has 27 subsidiaries[6] and several R&D facilities.[5] An incomplete list of aigo's subsidiaries can be found here.

aigo Music[edit]

Established in 1993 and located in Beijing,[7] aigo Music operates a digital music service much like iTunes.[8] The first of its kind in China, it is, as of 2009, the biggest portal for legal downloading of music in the country.[8] Strategic partnerships with Warner Music,[9] EMI and Sony[10] allow a wide range of music to be offered at 0.99 yuan per song.[9][10]

Beijing aifly Education and Technology Co Ltd[edit]

aigo set up this English as a second language brand with help from Crazy English founder Li Yang.[1][11]

Beijing aigo Digital Animation Institution[edit]

An aigo subsidiary that specializes in 3D animated films.[12]

Huaqi Information Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd[edit]

Set up in October 2003,[13] it operates two official aigo outlet stores in Singapore.[14][15]

Shenzhen aigo R&D Co Ltd[edit]

Established in 2006, this Shenzhen-based research and development facility focuses on the development of mobile multimedia software.[16]


Fernando Alonso's Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One car sponsored by Aigo

aigo is a sponsor of a number of sporting events, the majority involving automobile racing.


aigo is an official partner of the Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes Formula One team.[17]

As of 2008, aigo sponsors Chinese driver "Frankie" Cheng Congfu, in A1GP racing.[1][18]

aigo was an official partner of the 2007 race of champions, a racing competition that uses a variety of different vehicles.[19]

Manchester United[edit]

aigo, as of 2009, has a global strategic cooperation effort with Manchester United.[20]


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