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Aik Keow Chinese Primary school[1] is also known as SRJK (C) Aik Keow, (Chinese :日落斗哇益侨华文小学) is located in Penang state, Malaysia.

The Motto of The School[edit]

爱吾益侨 I love Aik Keow

History of The School[edit]

  • 1930—the school commenced.
  • 1941—world war 2 destroyed the school building and all the teaching and learning halted.
  • 1945—the school recommenced the teaching and learning.

Geographical Location of The School[edit]

  • It is located in Teluk Air Tawar, Butterworth.
  • Butterworth is the mainland peninsula of Malaysia.
  • The school[2] has a 1.3 acres of land (0.5263 heactar)
Map of Penang Island and Butterworth

Committee of the School[edit]

Director: Mr HOO Lay Hock
Chairperson of Parent-Teacher Association: Mr YEU Guan Chuan
President of the Ex-pupils' Association: Mr SIM Eing Liong

School Administration[edit]

2013 session

  1. Head of the School: Ms CHUAH Gek Kim
  2. 1st school head assistant : Mr Thor Kean Khey
  3. 2nd school head assistant : Ms HOO Yen See
  4. Head of Ex-curriculum department: Ms TEOH Choe Yoong

School Enrollment and Staff[edit]

2013 session

  • Pupils: 167 boys and girls
  • staff (teaching and non teaching): 16 persons

‘’‘2013 session

  • Pupils: 175 boys and girls
  • Staff remains unchanged

School Facilities[edit]

  • A mini school library
  • A small school canteen
  • A multipurpose hall
  • 12 classrooms

What is on Aik Keow[edit]


  • The SARS forced the school to close for a week [3]


  • The Astro Television Chinese section [4] visited the school for introducing the Recycle programme to the pupils[5]
  • The school participated in the Recycle programme for making soap.[6]
  • The school participated in the speech contest [7]


  • The housing developer next to the school did not take necessary precaution to avoid the noise and the digging of the man-made lake was posing danger of collapsing to the school building.[8]
  • The local council helped to collect old books for the poor schools in the region,including Aik Keow primary school [9]
  • The school is suffering from the termite problem [10]


Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Aik Keow,
Teluk Air Tawar
13050 Butterworth
Pulau Pinang
Telefono: 604-3513455
Fax: 604-3513455


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