Aiki language

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Runga, Kibet
Native to Chad, Central African Republic
Region Salamat
Native speakers
(19,000 Kibet cited 1983)[1]
43,000 Runga (1993–1996)
  • Runga
  • Kibet
  • ? Dagal
  • ? Muru
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
kie – Kibet
rou – Runga
Glottolog rung1257[2]

Aiki is a Maban language of Chad. It consists of two dialects, Runga and Kibet, which are divergent enough to be considered separate languages. Kibet (Kibeit, Kibeet, Kabentang) is spoken in Chad, while Runga (Roungo) is split between Chad and the CAR. Ayki (Aykindang) is a name in CAR.

Possible dialects of Kibet are Dagal (Dagel, Daggal) and Muru (Murru, Muro, Mourro);[3] however, they are poorly known, and Blench (2012) lists them separately.

The Aiki area is flooded half the year.


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