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The Aikido World Championships is a tournament organized by the style of Tomiki Aikido or Shodokan Aikido following the wishes of its founder Tomiki Kenji. Although, the competition itself is open for all practitioners regardless of style, competitors are predominantly Tomiki Aikido or Shodokan members. Events are split into Embu (Kata) and Randori, as well as team events, with some events being specific to Kyu or Dan grades. The competition is held in a different location every two years. The most recent events include Tokyo in 2005; Ohio in 2007; Kyoto in 2009; London in 2011, and Osaka for SAF members and Kawasaki City for (JAA) members in 2013.


No Year Host City, Country
1 1989 Japan Tenri, Japan
1991 United Kingdom Cardiff, United Kingdom
2 1993 Japan Katsuura, Japan
1995 United States Vandalia, United States
3 1997 Japan Imabari, Japan
1999 Australia Brisbane, Australia
4 2001 Japan Osaka, Japan
5 2003 United Kingdom Leeds, United Kingdom
6 2005 Japan Katsuura, Japan
7 2007 United States Vandalia, United States
8 2009 Japan Kyoto, Japan
9 2011 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom [1]
10 2013 Japan Osaka, Japan and Japan Kawasaki City, Japan
11 2015 Australia Gold Coast, Australia and Switzerland Fiesch, Switzerland

Current Events[edit]

For the 2013 Aikido World Championships, there are 8 different events. These include Embu, Randori and Team Events: SFA[2] and JAA[3]

Type Grade Event Additional Info
Embu Kyu Basic Randori No Kata Performed open hand, without tanto
Embu Dan Basic Randori No Kata Performed with tanto
Embu Dan Koryu Goshin no Kata Suwari waza and Tachi waza, 16 techniques
Embu Dan Freestyle/Open Kata Must be performed without weapons, and with a 2-minute time limit
Randori Open Men's Individual Randori
Randori Open Women's Individual Randori
Randori Open Men's Team Randori Teams consist of three male competitors
Randori Open Women's Team Randori Teams consist of three female competitors

Previous Events[edit]

In tournaments prior to and including the 2013 Aikido World Championships, a mixed event called the Kongodanteisen took place. This consisted of 5 events: Koryu Goshin no kata suwari waza; Koryu Goshin no kata tachi waza; Women's Tanto Taisabaki; Men's Toshu Randori; Men's Tanto Randori. This was introduced at the 2001 Maishima Tournament.


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