Aikoku Kōshinkyoku

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"Aikoku Kōshinkyoku"
Language Japanese
English title Patriotic March
Released December 1937 (1937-12)
Genre March
Composer(s) Tokichi Setoguchi
Lyricist(s) Yukio Morikawa

"Aikoku Kōshinkyoku" (愛國行進曲, Patriotic March) is a Japanese march composed by Tokichi Setoguchi with lyrics by Yukio Morikawa. It was released in December 1937.[1]


At the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Cabinet of Japan sponsored several public competitions for lyrics to "Aikoku Kōshinkyoku" in September 1937.[2] 57,578 entries were received, with Morikawa's lyrics being selected as the winner. 9,555 entries for music to the lyrics were then received, with Setoguchi, the composer of Gunkan kōshinkyoku, being declared the winner.

A few days after its release, "Aikoku Kōshinkyoku" sold a hundred thousand copies from six labels. It sold over a million by 1938.[3][4]

After Japan surrendered in 1945, singing or listening to Aikoku Kōshinkyoku was made illegal by the U.S. occupation forces.


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