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The Aikokusha (愛国社?, "Society of Patriots") was a political party in Meiji-period Japan.

The Aikokusha was formed in February 1875 by Itagaki Taisuke, as part a liberal political federation to associate his Risshisha with the Freedom and People's Rights Movement. It was disbanded the same year, when Ōkubo Toshimichi promised Itagaki that the government would draft a constitution.

When no constitution had appeared by September 1878, Itagaki revived the Aikokusha and renamed it the League for the Establishment of a National Assembly. Its primary purpose was to petition the government to establish a national assembly. It was renamed Liberal Party, which Itagaki founded in October 1881.[1]

The Aikokusha should not be confused with the Aikoku Kōtō, or with various later ultranationalist movements with similar names.

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