Ailsa Bay distillery

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Ailsa Bay distillery is a Lowland whisky distillery located in South Ayrshire, Scotland. The distillery is owned by William Grant & Sons.

Ailsa Bay distillery
Region: Lowland
LocationSouth Ayrshire
OwnerWilliam Grant & Sons
Water sourcePenwapple reservoir
No. of stills4 wash stills
4 spirit stills
Capacity12,000,000 liters
WebsiteAilsa Bay distillery

The Ailsa Bay Malt Whisky Distillery was built by the William Grant & Sons company to meet their needs for malt whisky for their blended whiskies.[1] The distillery was built near the site of the Girvan distillery.[2]

It was officially founded in 2007.[3] The opening was attended by Prince Charles in 2009.[4]

In March 2019, Ailsa Bay released a new brand of scotch whisky which was protected with blockchain technology to prevent counterfeiting.[5]

In September 2019, Ailsa Bay released Aerstone, a new brand of single malt scotch whisky.[6] William Grant & Sons says it is aimed at new whisky drinkers that find established single malts like Glenfiddich and The Balvenie “too complex with intimidating choice and language”.[7]


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