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"Aeluromancy" redirects here. For flour divination, see Aleuromancy.

Ailuromancy or aeluromancy (from Greek αἴλουρος aílouros meaning "cat"), also known as felidomancy, is a form of theriomancy.[1] It is divination using cats' movements or jumps to predict future events, especially the weather.[2][3]

One of the most common methods of ailuromancy utilizes the movements and behaviours of a cat to predict upcoming weather patterns. For example if the cat turns its tail to a fire or any substituting heat source, it foretells a possible change in weather, particularly the coming of heavy rain or hard frost. Another example is if a cat curls up with its forehead touching the ground, it indicates that storms, whether it be rain of snow, will happen in the near future. Cats have always been considered mystical animals, having been worshiped by the ancient Egyptians, associated with witches as their familiars, and involved in many superstitions. They are ingrained in the occult. With their mystic qualities, it is only natural that diviners turn to them for hints regarding future events.[4]


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