Aimaq Hazara

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Aimaq Hazara
Total population
Aimaq dialect of Persian[1]
Sunni Islam
Related ethnic groups
Hazaras, Aimaqs

The Aimaq Hazaras (Hazara-e-kala-e-nau, Hazara-e-qala-e-naw, Sunni Hazara) are the Aimaq's subtribe of Hazara origin, however they are Sunni Muslims and other Hazaras are Shia Muslims. The Aimaq Hazara consists of 38 subtribes.[2] The Aimaq Hazara and Taimuri peoples are the most Mongoloid of the Aimaqs. The Aimaq people live in traditional Afghan black tents but the Aimaq Hazara and Taimuri are semi-nomadic who live in yurts covered with felt.[3]


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