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Aimee Friedman
Aimee Friedman Ann Brashares and Libba Bray by David Shankbone.jpg
Aimee Friedman (left), with Ann Brashares and Libba Bray
Queens, New York

Aimee Friedman (born 1979) is the author of several young adult novels published by Scholastic Inc., Point and S&S. Her novels South Beach (2004) (a New York Times bestseller),[citation needed] French Kiss (2005), and Hollywood Hills (2007)and also The Year My Sister Got Lucky (2008) focus on the scandalous adventures of on-again, off-again best friends Holly Jacobson and Alexa St. Laurent. She released Sea Change on June 1, 2009. A Novel Idea (2005) is a romantic comedy about a teenager who starts a book club in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Friedman wrote one of the four stories in the holiday collection Mistletoe (2006), which also features stories by Nina Malkin, Hailey Abbott, and Melissa de la Cruz. Friedman wrote a short story, "Three Fates" for the book 21 Proms. Recently, Friedman has also published, along with artist Christine Norrie, a graphic novel entitled Breaking Up which details the complicated dynamics of Junior year in an arts school in New York.

Aimee Friedman grew up in Queens, New York, attended Bronx High School of Science, and graduated in 2001 with a BA in English from Vassar College. She currently resides in Manhattan. She went to a dance school with her older sister.


Books By Aimee Friedman:

  • South Beach (2004)
  • French Kiss (2005)
  • A Novel Idea (2005)
  • Hollywood Hills (2018)
  • The Year My Sister Got Lucky (2008)
  • Sea Change (2009)
  • Two Summers(2016)

Contributed to:

  • Mistletoe (1989)
  • 21 Proms

Graphic Novel:

  • Breaking Up (2007 - with Christine Norrie )

As Ruth Ames:

  • This Totally Bites - Poison Apple Book 2 (2009)
  • At First Bite - Poison Apple Book 8 (2011)

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