Ain't Afraid to Die

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"Ain't Afraid to Die"
Single by Dir En Grey
Released April 18, 2001
Genre Alternative rock, progressive rock
Length 19:22
Label Firewall Div.
Producer(s) Dir En Grey
Toru Yamazaki
Dir En Grey singles chronology
"Taiyou no Ao"
"Ain't Afraid to Die"

"Ain't Afraid to Die" (stylized ain't afraid to die) is a single released by Dir En Grey on April 18, 2001. It appears on Decade 1998–2002 but is not featured on any of their studio albums. Both B-sides are included on the Kai remix compilation.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Kyo, all music composed by Dir En Grey.

No. Title Length
1. "Ain't Afraid to Die"   7:16
2. "Ain't Afraid to Die ~With Frosted Ambience~" (remix by Die) 5:49
3. "Ain't Afraid to Die Irrésistible Mix" (remix by Shinya) 6:14

Chart Position[edit]

Year Chart Position
2001 Oricon 7