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The commune of Aïn Azel is located fifty kilometres to the south of Sétif in Algeria, and is at the frontier between Sétif Province and Batna Province. The population of Aïn Azel is estimated to be around 41,000 people.

Origin of the name[edit]

The name "Aïn Azel" may come from the Berber "Azzel" which means "he who runs" or Azel which means "precious". This name, together with the Arabic word Aïn ("Fountain") may therefore mean "the fountain that runs" or "the precious fountain".[1]

Aïn Azel was the site of a mining catastrophe on June 2, 1990, which resulted in the death of approximately twenty workers when a zinc and lead mine was flooded.[2]


Latitude: 35°82 north
Longitude: 5°51 east
Altitude: 935 metres

Aïn Azel is virtually surrounded by mountains:[1]

  • Djebel Loumassa and Djebel Sekrine to the west
  • Djebel Gatiane to the south
  • Djebel Lehcana to the south-east
  • Djebel Kaläaoun to the east


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Coordinates: 35°50′36″N 5°31′19″E / 35.84333°N 5.52194°E / 35.84333; 5.52194