Ain Baal

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Ain Baal (Arabic: عين بعال‎‎) is a Lebanese village located in the Caza of Tyre in the Southern Governorate of Lebanon.

Origin of name[edit]

According to the Lebanese dialect, the name of the village means "the water well of Baal".

About Ain Baal[edit]

Ain Baal borders Tyre, Batolay, Bazooreye and Hanaway. Ain Baal is famous for the Sarcophagus of King Hiram I, King of Tyre, which is located on the borders with Hanaway. The influence of the sarcophagus King Hiram I on this village is very obvious, where you can find schools, convenience stores, barbershops and restaurants named after the king such as the Hiram Elementary School of Ain Baal. Ain Baal is also the home village of the famous Lebanese football midfielder Roda Antar. Ain Baal plays a strategic role for the southern Lebanese residents, where they can live in the village and enjoy a calm atmosphere away from Tyre traffic and at the same time they can visit Tyre in a short period of time to get their needs. Ain baal contains one of the most prestigious places in Lebanon called "Housh Basma" where most of the buildings are villas and occupied by Basma residents.

Coordinates: 33°14′00″N 35°16′13″E / 33.2334°N 35.2703°E / 33.2334; 35.2703