Aïn El Berd

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Ain El Berd
Commune and town
Country  Algeria
Province Sidi Bel Abbès Province
Time zone CET (UTC+1)

Ain El Berd is an Algerian municipality known as “ Oued –Imbert” during the French colonial era now it is a town and commune which depends to the Wilaya of Sidi Bel Abbes. Ain El Berd is located about 25 km from Sidi Bel Abbes city and about 55 km from Oran city and it is a province in north- western part of Algeria was created in 1886 by general Imbert. The number of inhabitants of Ain El Berd is about 25 000 and its population is still rising due to the rate of births and the migration wave of new comers from the near villagesand becames now a big Daira and includes many villages and municipalities in its conscription as well as Ouled Ali, Makedra, Dlahim, Sidi Hamdouche, Sidi Brahim, Zleifa,Oued El Mabtouh and Louza. Ain El Berd witnesses a little rate of prosperity and Changing concerning the urban side but not enough to meet population’s needs and necessities the fact that raises some social problems like housing problem, unemployment and others .Ain El Berd was and still is a very famous with its marvellous countryside views and sites and it’s well-known with its vineyards cultivating many kinds of grapes harvest and olives and wheat harvest and products which means that there are a great part of Ain El Berd’s population work in the agricultural field.

Ain el Berd is also very famous with its site of SIDI MAACHOU grave which attracts so many visitors from all around the north western part of Algeria and it celebrates every year in autumn season a great WAADA of Ain El Berd


Coordinates: 35°21′57″N 0°30′46″W / 35.36583°N 0.51278°W / 35.36583; -0.51278