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Ain Smara is a municipality in the west of the city of Constantine, Algeria. It is bordered on the east by Constantine municipality and El Khroub, on the west by Oued el ethmania (Mila), on the north by Ibn Ziad and on the south by El Khroub and it is following the El Khroub District but it can be a district from Constantine districts in the coming years.[clarification needed] In Ain Smara we find Hricha Amar quarter which is one of the biggest Constantine quarters and it can be a municipality in the coming years. The area of Ain Smara is 175 km² and its population is 37,000 people


Ain Smara was founded in 1854 it was following to Oued el ethmania and it is popular by Chettaba mountains, in the Ottoman finding (1515-1830) it was following to Turc baylek for Constantine and in the French colonialism (1830–1962) it was following the Constantine department, after the independence it still as a quarter of Oued el ethmania until the administrative division of 1984 when Ain Smara became a new municipality.


There is no doubt that the football is the first sport anywhere in Algeria and so in Ain Smara and we find in Ain Smara two football clubs:

  • Ittihad Riyadi Beladiat Aïn Smara (IRBAS)[1]
  • Mouloudia Beladiat Aïn Smara (MBAS)

and there are two sand stadiums.

In the other sports there are a sport room (Bachiri Mokhtar), it has judo, karate, handball and volleyball and its club has the name of sporting Ain Smara (sas) and it is from the first clubs in the individual and collective sport in Constantine especially handball and volleyball.


There are more than 20 primary school in Constantine and 5 cem :

  • Ali Boukerzaza
  • Amar Bourgoud
  • Amar Belkerfa
  • Hricha Amar 1
  • Hricha Amar 2

and three secondary schools :

  • Mustafa Kateb technicom
  • Mohamed Nadjar
  • Chmachma Ali


There are 5 mosques in Ain Smara:

  • Okba Bin Nafaa - Amar Bin Yasser
  • Mussa Ibn Nussair - Essalam
  • El farouk

and others under construction, like:

  • Ennour : in Hricha Amar
  • Abd El Hamid Ibn Badis : in July 5 quarter
  • and another in Belkerfa quarter


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Coordinates: 36°16′N 6°30′E / 36.267°N 6.500°E / 36.267; 6.500