Ain Tarik District

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Ain Tarik District
دائرة عين طارق
Map of Algeria highlighting Relizane Province
Map of Algeria highlighting Relizane Province
Coordinates: 35°46′N 1°7′E / 35.767°N 1.117°E / 35.767; 1.117Coordinates: 35°46′N 1°7′E / 35.767°N 1.117°E / 35.767; 1.117
Country  Algeria
Province Relizane
District seat Ain Tarik
 • Total 322 km2 (124 sq mi)
Population (2002)[1]
 • Total 19,160
 • Density 60/km2 (150/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+01)
District code 48015
Municipalities 2

Ain Tarik (Arabic: عين طارق‎‎) is a district located in the southeast of Relizane Province, Algeria. The District of Ain Tarik consists of two municipalities: Ain Tarik and Had Chakkala. According to a recent population census of 2002, the district exceeded 19,000 people. The district covers 322 km2.



The district is bordered by Ammi Moussa District to the north and west, Ramka District to the east, and Tiaret Province and Tissemsilt Province to the south and southeast.

Ain Tarik is surrounded by Bourokba (بوركبة) and El-Aria (العرية) mountains from the east, Ouled Bouriah (أولاد بورياح) mountains from the west, and El-Aria(العرية) and Malouia (ملوية) from the south. The river Oued Rhiou flows northward into Chlef river. The district occupies 322 km 2 (124.325 sq mi).


Ain Tarik region enjoys a Mediterranean Climate which is warm, dry summers and mild, rainy winters with snow at upper elevations. In the summer, the temperature may reach 40 degrees Celsius with hot and dry winds blowing in from the Sahara desert. In winter, temperatures may reach freezing point. Annual precipitation ranges from 250 mm to 500 mm.


There are many elementary schools within Ain Tarik District. Furthermore there are three secondary schools and one high school.

Secondary Schools: Mohamed Boudiaf (Ain Tarik), Rabeh Douis (Marioua), Malek Bennabi(Boughidane)

High School: Mohamed Bendjamaa (Ain Tarik)

Professional and Technical Training Center - CFPA (Ain Tarik)[2]


Ain Tarik District consists of two municipalities:




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