Ainak Wala Jin

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Ainak Wala Jin
Written by Abdul Hameed
Directed by Hafeez Tahir
Starring Shehzad Qaiser
Munna Lahori
Nisar Butt
Asad Bhandara
Nusrat Ara
Haseeb Pasha
Ijlal Tahir
Moattar Bokhari
Fariha Pervez
Humera Arshad
Jamil Fakhri
Rashid Mehmood
Ghayyur Akhtar
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
No. of seasons 4
Location(s) Lahore
Production company(s) PTV
Original network PTV One
Original release 1993 – 1996
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Ainak Wala Jin (Urdu: عینک والا جن‎, English: Spectacled Genie) was a 1993 Pakistani children's television series produced and broadcast by PTV from Lahore.[1] This drama ran for two times on television in Pakistan. It was widely popular among children for its humour and fictional storyline.[2]


The play has been immensely popular among three generations at the same time. The children, their parents and their elders enjoyed it together. The characters became household names and some of the dialogues were transformed into political connotations. The team of play had been invited by many educational institutions and dignitaries like the Governor of Punjab Mr. Khalid Maqbool.

The team was also invited by Imran Khan the legendary cricketer turned politician for fund raising of his Shaukat Khanum Memorial hospital and in this connection the team along with the director Hafeez Tahir had the honour of performing before Princess Diana and Imran Khan. The team included Hamoon Jadugar, Zakoota Jin, Bill Batori, Hafeez Tahir and some other actors visited 2005 earthquake affected areas with President of Pakistan to bring back the smile on faces of mentally stressed children. The team visited through a special helicopter there. The team also performed a magical comedy skit in eid night live transmission from there. The play has also been presented on stage at Alhamra Arts Council.[3]

The concept[edit]

The theme was conceived as an amalgamation of fantasy, real life and science fiction. A genie is sent by the emperor of genies from Caucasus Mountains to our earth for the treatment of his eyesight problems.When he lands, he happens to meet a daring young boy who loves fantasies. The boy takes him to the doctor who prescribes power glasses. Then the boy along with his father takes the genie home who is in the shape of a tall handsome man with special features of genie on his face. He starts living with humans and the interesting interaction starts. He meets magicians, witches, other genies, space people and real life characters.These interactions gave birth to a very interesting story line which entailed comedy, magic, morals and learning for children.

The writer[edit]

The serial was written by Late Abdul Hameed who is popularly known as A Hameed.[4] He has written about two hundred books, innumerable columns, memoirs, novels, fiction for children and serials for Pakistan Television. The serials included Dachi,Alif Liala (many episodes),Ambar Naag Maria and AINAK WALA JIN. The last one surpassed his other works.

The director[edit]

The serial was directed by Hafeez Tahir, a versatile director of Pakistan Television in the middle of his career. He was given producer of the decade award for this production by PTV.Having two master's degrees from University of Punjab, he was trained in television production and direction at MMTC Indonesia and PTV Academy. He is a poet, short story writer column writer and still photographer. He has two publications to his credit, Athwan Rang and Zere Zamin.

Special effects[edit]

In the absence of computer graphics facility, the director managed to create many special effects with the simple chroma key technique.Some indigenous techniques were invented to make those effects with the help of able lighting cameramen and technical crew. Many layers were created and matted to create imaginative video effects.


The play was expected to return with a sequel in 2012.[5] This serial also came as sequel before but not many peoples know about this but this ends without compeleted for un certain reasons.92 Episodes Telecasted in that sequel of ainak wala jin 2.


The main actors of this drama are:

  • Shehzad Qaiser as Nastoor (Ainak Wala Jin).[6]
  • Sehrish Khan as mother (Farkhanda)
  • Munna Lahori as Zakoota Jin
  • Ghayyur Akhtar as Samari Jadugar
  • Ajlal Asim Bukhari as Imran
  • Moattar Asim Bukhari (now Moattar Adeel) as Moattar
  • Zahid Sharif as jin
  • Nusrat Ara as Bil Batori
  • Farooq Butt as space chief
  • Aneel Chaudhri as Ashkali
  • Fariha Pervez as Aini
  • Humera Arshad as Toofani Nagan
  • Shabnam Majeed as Baaji
  • Haseeb Pasha as Hamoon Jadoogar
  • Nabeel Ahmad Goheer as Father
  • Asad Bhandara as Charlie Mamun
  • Mukhtar Ahmad Shaad as Rehmu Baba
  • Nisar Butt as Umro Ayyar
  • Humza Ghayyur Akhtar as dubi
  • Hamza Bin Tahir as son of Nastoor
  • Jamil Fakhri as Taloos Badshah or Shah Taloos
  • Albela (actor) as Taya Abba
  • Rashid Mehmood (actor) as Sarkata Insaan
  • Najma as karnani Churail
  • Babu Baral (comedian) as (guest appearance) JIN
  • Jamal Pasha as chotta Jin

It is to be specially mentioned that three famous female singers of Pakistan started their career as actresses with this serial. They are Shabnam Majeed, Fariha Pervez, and Humera Arshad.

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