Ainan Tasneem

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Ainan Tasneem
Birth name Ainan Tasneem Binti Redzuan
Born (1992-11-04) November 4, 1992 (age 23)
Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Origin Bukit Jalil, Malaysia
Genres Pop, R&B, pop rock
Instruments Guitar
Years active 2012–present
Labels MVM Production (2012-present)

Ainan Tasneem Binti Redzuan (born November 4, 1992), better known as Ainan Tasneem,[1] is a Malaysian singer who debuted in 2012. She is best known as a YouTube artist.


Early in her career, Ainan had only uploaded her videos in her Facebook account. In October 2011, one of her fans made a YouTube account for her and uploaded all her videos in it.[2] She became a sensation since. One of her first recorded songs were a cover of the theme song for the 1990s local cartoon series Keluang Man. The song and many others has made Ainan a locally renowned YouTube artist.

She became more well-known after one of her own songs, Aku Suka Dia, became popular. It gather much more attention among young listeners, and recording studios as well. She was then given the opportunity to be a recording artist under the auspices of MVM Production.[3] After she was signed as an artist, the music video studio version of her single was uploaded in YouTube and had currently reached more than 5 million views.

2012: Second Single: 150 Juta and the Controversy[edit]

On 12 December 2012, she came back with her second single entitled 150 Juta which was originally sang by another local singer, Fynn Jamal, and she remade the song as her new single. However, this resulted critictism from [4] the public who accuse her of copying. Ainan pointed out that the original singer herself had already given the permission for the remake.

2013: Aku Suka Dia (EP)[edit]

On 18 April 2013, Ainan's first album was released [5] and the album's title song, Aku Suka Dia, was the first song she wrote. Other songs in her album include "150 Juta", "Kamu Saja", "Tak Mungkin Aku" and "Aku Keliru".

2013: Bersama Di Hari Raya (Eid Single)[edit]

On 22 July 2013, Ainan released a single for Eid-ul-fitri, titled Bersama Di Hari Raya On Itunes and Spotify. The music video was released on YouTube on the same date. However the song was already played on radio stations days earlier before the date of the digital release.

Bersama Di Hari Raya is a Pop Twist song, with breakdown drum on the chorus part. The song was written by ADiB and reproduced by MVM Production.

People comes with a comparison of this song with one of famous Malaysia Cartoon series Soundtrack , Keluang Man that said both of song have similar instrument. And then ADiB which is the songwriter updated on his facebook and said "It's funny when people said that song is similar to Keluang Man song, it's because my dad is the person that wrote, produce and mixed that (Keluang Man) song, And he said there's not even a inch of similar LOL"

Early life[edit]

Ainan is the third of four siblings and is the only girl in her family. She lives in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Bioprocess Engineering at Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP).[6] Despite being a talented singer, Ainan also aspire to be a lecturer.



Year Album Type Label
2013 Aku Suka Dia Solo MVM Production


Year Song Title Album
2012 "Aku Suka Dia" Aku Suka Dia
"150 Juta"
2013 "Kamu Saja"
"Tak Mungkin Aku"
"Aku Keliru"

Special Single[edit]

Year Song Title Single type
2013 "Bersama Di Hari Raya" Eid Single

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