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Aino Kishi
Native name 希志あいの
Born (1988-02-01) February 1, 1988 (age 29)
Hokkaido, Japan
Nationality  Japan
Years active 2007-2015[2]
Agent DUO entertainment[1]
Height 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)[1]
Website Official Page

Aino Kishi (Japanese: 希志あいの,, Hepburn: きしあいの, Kishi Aino),[3] born February 1, 1988) is a Japanese former gravure model, actress, singer and AV idol (retired).

Life and career[edit]

Gravure model and AV idol careers[edit]

Aino Kishi debuted as a gravure model in 2007, posing for the magazine Young Gangan,[4][5] and she later appeared in several gravure videos and photobooks. In December 2007, her switch from gravure to adult videos (AV) was announced.[6] In a 2012 article on Japanese women's attitude towards AV, Kishi said that her first exposure to AV was seeing a video of actress Rio in a hotel room and thinking "What an angel! ... What charming people, what a fascinating job."[7]

She made her AV debut in February 2008 with Idol Unit Member: Aino Kishi's Debut for the Alice Japan studio.[8] Kishi proved a popular actress, ranking number 5 for the first half of 2008[9] and number 12 for the full year[10] in DVD sales at the major Japanese distributor, the DMM Corporation. Kishi was one of four actresses nominated for the Best New Actress Award at the 2009 Adult Broadcasting Awards for adult video programs in 2008.[11] From her debut until the end of 2009, Kishi alternated her video appearances between Alice Japan and Max-A, another studio associated with the Kuki group of companies.[12] In July 2009, Kishi was one of the Alice Japan and Max-A actresses featured at the "VenusFesta2009", a promotional event for the studios.[13]

In early February 2010, Kishi appeared in Debut! Aino Kishi for IdeaPocket;[14] and, soon afterward, she made Aino Kishi x Hyper S1 Special Vol.1 for the S1 No. 1 Style studio,[15] both studios being part of the collection of companies in the porn conglomerate Hokuto Corporation.[16]

When the major Japanese adult video distributor DMM held a poll of its customers in 2012 to choose the 100 all-time best AV actresses to celebrate the 30th anniversary of adult videos in Japan, Kishi was voted in at number 28.[17] At the 2014 AV Open ceremony, Kishi's video BEACHY VENUS for Idea Pocket with Airi Kijima and Mayu Nozomi won the Super Heavyweight Class Third Place award.[18] At the 2015 AV Open ceremony, where she announced her retirement from the industry, Special Prize was awarded for her.[19]

According to Kishi's retirement special video,[20] she has released 97 (67 since transferred to IdeaPocket) DVD titles since her debut.

Film career[edit]

In addition to adult videos, her career has also included roles in theatrical films, V-cinema and television.[21] Her film credits include the mainstream ero guro Samurai Princess, in which she plays the title character[22] and the romantic comedy Rubbers (ラバーズ〜覆う女〜, Rabāzu ~Oou onna~), about a young girl with a latex fetish and the complications this causes in her love life. One critic wrote: "Kishi is fantastic in her role" and her performance is "one of last year's most delighting ones".[23] She also starred in the 2012 erotic action comedy Mask the Kekkou: Reborn (けっこう仮面 新生-REBORN-, Kekkō Kamen: Ribōn), where she played the superhero Kekko Kamen.[24] In 2015, she starred in the Korean comedy film, The Maidroid [25] (Hangul친절한 가정부; Chin-jeol-han ga-jeong-boo).[26] In 2015, she also starred in another Korean thriller film, Maze: Secret Love (Hangul미궁:비밀애; Migung: bimirae).[27]

Ebisu Muscats[edit]

Kishi was a member of the Ebisu Muscats.[28]

Other works[edit]

In December 2011, a video game, "Aino Kishi Slot Game", was launched for the Android operating system with Kishi as the main character.[29] In 2012, she took part in the music project Kiss, a J-pop group consisting of Kishi, Mayu Nozomi and Jessica Kizaki. Their debut album was Touch My S.P.O.T..[30][31]

Through IdeaPocket's working relationship with Union Pro, Kishi made her professional wrestling debut on May 3, 2013, at the promotion's event at Korakuen Hall. After Hiroshi Fukuda had become the inaugural World Aipoke Champion, Kishi slapped him and then pinned him to become the second World Aipoke Champion.[32]


She announced her retirement on December,[2] 2015, at the DMM Adult Award Show.


Adult videos[edit]

Theatrical films[edit]

  • New female teacher (新任女教師 劇場版) (Feb. 2008)
  • Sakura Pachislo Butler (パチスロバトラーさくら) (2009)
  • 女闘牌伝 王牌に愛された千鳥積み (2009)[33]
  • Sakura woman board game knife (包丁勝負 女板・桜) (2009)
  • Samurai Princess (サムライプリンセス 外道姫) (2009)
  • Rubbers aka Covered Woman ~ Lovers ~ (ラバーズ〜覆う女〜, Rabāzu ~Oou onna~) (July 2010)
  • Woman was committed to Incubus Dreams (インキュバス 夢に犯された女) (2010 V-cinema)
  • Domestic (ドメスティック) (2010 V-cinema)
  • Domestic Kanketsuhen (ドメスティック 完結編) (2011)
  • ヒン子のエロいい話 (2011)
  • Mask the Kekkou: Reborn (けっこう仮面 新生-REBORN-, Kekkō Kamen: Ribōn) (June 2012)
  • The Maidroid (친절한 가정부) (Feb. 2015)[25][26]
  • Maze: Secret Love (미궁:비밀애; Migung: bimirae) (Apr. 2015)[27]




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