Ainsty Bounds Walk

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Ainsty Bounds Walk
Boston Spa bridge in 2007.jpg
The River Wharfe at Boston Spa on the route
Length 44 mi (71 km)
Location North & West Yorkshire, England
Trailheads Circular, based on Tadcaster
Use Hiking

The Ainsty Bounds Walk is a 44 mile (71 km) long distance footpath mostly in North Yorkshire, England, with a short section in West Yorkshire. It follows the boundaries of the ancient wapentake of The Ainsty, between the rivers Wharfe, Nidd and Ouse, and passes through the towns of Boston Spa, Wetherby, Moor Monkton, the outskirts of York, and Bolton Percy. As a circular walk it can be walked from any point, but it is considered to start and finish at Tadcaster.

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Coordinates: 53°53′06″N 1°15′36″W / 53.88500°N 1.26000°W / 53.88500; -1.26000