Aion (Aion album)

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Aion -Aion-
Aion (Aion album).jpeg
Studio album by Aion
Released August 21, 1992
Genre Power metal
Length 48:01
Label BMG Victor
Producer Aion
Aion chronology
Aion -Aion-

Aion -Aion- (愛音~AION~), or simply Aion, is the fourth album released by the Japanese metal band Aion. The band's catchphrase "Deathrash Bound" is written on the cover, and since the album's full title is only written on the side, this is often mistaken to be the album's title (adding to the confusion, the band's first album was actually titled Deathrash Bound). The term appears on several of their albums, later the band created their own record label entitled "Deathrash Bound". The first pressing came in a cardboard slipcover. A PV for the song "Aion -Aion-" was made to promote the album. This is their last full-length album to feature drummer S.A.B (he is on the EP Sei-Aion, released later in the year), until his return on their 2000 album Sister (in 2009 he left again).

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "In the Course of Time" Nov Izumi 5:44
2. "Wing of Dress" Nov Izumi 4:42
3. "For Dear Life" Dean Dean 5:25
4. "Megalomania" Nov S.A.B 4:04
5. "Peter – V"   Izumi 7:27
6. "Aion -Aion-" (愛音~Aion~) Izumi Izumi 8:35
7. "Bloody" Nov Izumi 4:14
8. "I'll Be Less" Nov Izumi 7:50


  • Nov – vocals
  • Izumi – lead and rhythm guitars
  • Dean – bass guitar
  • S.A.B – drums