Air-sea Dolphin

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Air-sea Dolphin
Origin Athens, Georgia
Genres Indie Pop
Years active 2016-present
Labels Chunklet Industries
Third Uncle Records
Associated acts The Apples in Stereo
of Montreal
Honey Radar
Elf Power James Husband

Air-sea Dolphin' is the new musical project by Robert Schneider of The Apples in Stereo, James Husband (james Huggins) Of Montreal/Elf Power Ryan Sterrit and The Brothers Chaps.[1][2] The group was started after Robert Schneider joined the HOMESTAR RUNNER live band in 2016 as a new songwriting vehicle for his song ideas with the creative input of the Brothers Chaps & Co. to form a new group focused on 90s lo-fi 4 trk recording with the addition of 8-bit style retro ‘video games’ designed to accompany their music. An EP is in the works to follow up their three 7” singles & the group plans a full length LP in the near/past future depending on time/space continuum.




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