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AirSet, Inc.
Type Privately held company
Industry Group collaboration
Founded 2003
Headquarters Walnut Creek, California, United States

AirSet is a privately held web services company based in Walnut Creek, California, United States, that allows the customer to manage multiple groups in one place, to see the roll up of all group calendars, share files across groups, and communicate people. The service is browser based with clients for iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices.


AirSet was launched as a calendar service in 2003 and began by offering a mobile PIM solution.[1] The mobile application also comes with the AirSet web service.[2] The product was expanded to cover other platforms and uses.[3]

The service has become a suite of online tools for group management and collaboration. The service provides a spam free private messaging system that is also supported on the companies mobile clients so group members can communicate without wading through email spam. A shared group calendar, file storage, task management, and online document editing through an integration with Zoho Writer and Sheet round out the suite. An online website design and hosting application allows groups to publish a website, their calendar, or other documents to the web.


AirSet is a Freemium service designed to let an individual manage all their important groups. Each group has its own private space, but members can see the roll up of all of their groups' data. For example, in the All Groups view members can see a color-coded overlay of their personal and group calendars.

User can create as many online groups as they need for free. The service is not advertising supported and user information is kept private and stored encrypted. The company does not scan user data or otherwise profile users for advertisers. The service is funded by users upgrading to premium services, for example the ability to sync group data to your mobile phone requires a premium subscription.

HP TouchPad/WebOS Not Supported: As discussed in the Airset user community forum, the WebOS on the HP TouchPad is not supported due to lack of testing. Both web browsing and Exchange synchronization are affected.”[4]

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