Air Alsace

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Air Alsace
Commenced operations1962
Ceased operations1981
Operating basesColmar-Houssen Aerodrome
HeadquartersColmar, France
Company Logo

Société Air Alsace was an airline with its head office on the grounds of the Colmar-Houssen Aerodrome in Colmar, France.[1]


VFW 614 of Air Alsace
Aerospatiale Corvette of Air Alsace at Brussels Airport in 1977 wearing the titles of Air France

Air Alsace began as an air taxi operation based in Colmar in 1962. It commenced operations using small aircraft. From 1974 it began to operate scheduled passenger regional services[citation needed] and on 1 January 1975 merged with Air Vosges and its fleet of Cessna 401 and Cessna 402.[2]

In cooperation with Air France it offered services to Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Rome and Strasbourg. Flights to London Gatwick and Milan were later added. Air Alsace entered the jet age in April 1976 with the delivery of their first VFW 614 and it later acquired the Aerospatiale Corvette and the Fokker F.28 Fellowship. In 1981 the airline merged with TAT - Touraine Air Transport and Air Alpes to form TAT-Transport Aerien Transregional.[citation needed]



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