Air Cadet Gliding Program

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Air Cadet Gliding Program
Active 1965–present
Country  Canada
Type Youth Organization
Part of Royal Canadian Air Cadets
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Aircraft flown
Trainer Schweizer SGS 2-33A, Bellanca Scout (Central and NW Regions), Cessna L-19 (Eastern and Atlantic Regions), Cessna 182 (Pacific Region)[1]

The Air Cadet Gliding Program is a youth gliding program operated by the Canadian Forces (CF) and the Air Cadet League of Canada for the benefit of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

The program is managed by CF officers (most of whom are CIC officers), and is the largest producer of glider pilots in Canada[citation needed]. Cadets age 16-18 are trained at the five summer Regional Gliding Schools, and about 320 cadets receive their glider pilot licence each year.

Outside of the Regional Gliding Schools, the local headquarters provide the opportunity for cadets to participate in gliding familiarization flying during the spring and fall — approximately 22000 flights are completed. Senior cadets that have completed the Air Cadet Gliding Program also perform staff duties at glider familiarization flying and at the summer training program.

Locations of the Regional Gliding Schools[edit]